The cyber threat is complex and rapidly evolving. Governments, businesses, organizations, and citizens are online and vulnerable. The ensuing threat to national security and public safety is accelerating at an unprecedented rate but also provides the single biggest opportunity in the Canadian and Global economy for the creation of technologies and solutions that will propel the country forward.

KYVR has access to proprietary deal flows and solutions that when coupled to the elite R&D and engineering talent in the intelligence, academic and business communities provide the base for these solutions.

The KYVR management team and advisors provide the right combination of entrepreneurial leadership, strategic/operational expertise and access to global connections required for the success of all elements of the Canadian cyber ecosystem.  

KYVR has unique relationships with key decision makers that give portfolio companies access to value creation and strategic partnerships plus the opportunity to validate technologies in order to build world-class, trusted, security products and solutions for the global marketplace.